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Sponsorship & Advertising

The IACP Partner Program provides a unique opportunity to present your product or service to some of the most recognized, respected, and influential food personalities and newsmakers in the world - not only at our Annual Conference, but year-round.

IACP members number more than 2,000 and span virtually every culinary discipline: food writers, publishers and editors, cookbook authors, food photographers and stylists, TV personalities, cooking teachers, publicists, chefs, and restaurateurs—literally a "Who's Who" in the world of food. Through their newspaper and magazine articles, cooking classes, and television and personal appearances, these professionals influence the opinions and buying habits of millions of other culinary professionals and consumers.

An IACP partnership through sponsorship and/or a traditional or new media buy is an unparalleled way to raise brand visibility among these leaders and to extend your franchise into those audiences they engage. Some 30 partnership opportunities are offered at our Annual Conference, in addition to year-round exposure on our website, in our newsletters, and through eblasts and social media platforms. Customized and multiple-year sponsorship packages can also be tailored to your unique marketing needs. And remember: when you join the IACP Partner Program, you not only meet our members, but you also meet our sponsors — definitively the world's most prominent culinary businesses and institutions.

For our 2013 - 2014 Media Kit, click here.

To discuss partnering opportunities or to request more information, please contact:

Diane Laster
Laster Heathman Media
Phone: 415-999-1944

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