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CCP Certification

The Certified Culinary Professional (CCP) program is the only multidisciplinary credentialing program in the culinary industry. Designed to recognize those who have reached the highest level of culinary achievement, the CCP designation is widely regarded as a symbol of leadership and knowledge. Plan your strategy for earning this prestigious distinction now!

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The mission of the Certified Culinary Professional (CCP) program is to identify individuals,
either IACP members or non-members, who (1) have acquired and maintain a comprehensive range of culinary skills and knowledge through education and experience, (2) display continuing commitment to professional and community service, and (3) subscribe to principles in the IACP Code of Ethics. Among the ranks of CCPs are Julia Child (1912-2004), Shirley Corriher, Nathalie Dupree, Jacques Pépin, and Anne Willan - undeniably some of the profession's most esteemed culinarians. When you apply to become a CCP, you join this select group of men and women who have made the ultimate commitment to excellence in the culinary arts. And when you earn the distinction, you invariably find that you've opened doors to even greater advancement and opportunity within the industry. 

See a complete list of CCPs and learn more about the latest CCP recipients here.

How the Program Works

A Certification Committee administers the CCP program, sets policy, and assures that the program reflects the changing needs of the profession. The IACP President appoints the Committee Chair, who then selects the committee from members who have earned the CCP designation. The committee reviews and approves all applications for CCP certification and is responsible for administering the exam, which is conducted each year at our Annual Conference, as well as at satellite locations throughout the year.

For more information about the steps to certification, taking the exam, and/or recertifying, review the quick links to the right. Or contact the Committee Chair or IACP Headquarters.

| Overview | Getting Started | Certification | Re-Certification  | Online Payment | Exam | FAQ | Contact Us

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