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IACP Oral History

Read all about IACP's 33-year history, as remembered by our founding members and documented by Neil L. Coletta.

"In recognition of the 25th anniversary of the IACP, the Board of Directors launched an oral history project designed to document the thoughts and experiences of founding and charter members, and to provide a working history of the organization. The collected interviews are a valuable addition to culinary history, as they capture the memories, and personalities, of early IACP members, so many of who [sic] have been influential to the ways that we eat, cook, and think about food today. The IACP Oral History Project is a story spanning the past three decades, as told by the people who were there to build the association from the ground up. Through their personal recollections, against the backdrop of social and culinary developments during the organization’s early years, the project attempts to present a 'snapshot' of culinary culture at a particular juncture in our collective past. The anecdotes and interactions of members, as well as discussions of ingredients, techniques, and philosophies within food culture in the United States from the late 1970s to the present, . . . provide an illuminating, first-hand account of this remarkable time."

Excerpt from the Preface of the IACP Oral History Project, by Neil L. Coletta, 2008

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