Connect with IACP Members

Though spread across the globe, IACP members stay connected 365 days a year through our online directory, interest sections, newsletters, and other member resources.

IACP Connect!

This year IACP is launching a new program, IACP Connect, that will get to the heart of what the organization’s all about: support and continued growth.

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Member Directory

One of the best ways to connect with members year-round is through our exclusive members-only directory. Find members in your area, share your resume and experiences, or locate an expert to help with your next project. The networking possibilities are limitless.

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Interest Sections

Our 13 interest sections take networking to the next level by making it easier for you to share expertise and resources with like-minded members. From food policy and photography to culinary tourism and food journalism, there's an interest section for everyone. Join as many as you like!

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IACP Publications

Stay current on IACP, member news, industry happenings, and more with our IACP Blog, the monthly e-zine Frontburner, and specialized quarterly newsletters from many of our sections.

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Member Forums

The Member Forums are designed as dedicated spaces for members to discuss ideas that are important to them. We are currently re-vamping our forums to make sure they are as easy to use and relevant as possible. Currently, our only forum group is a closed group in which Interest Section leadership can discuss issues around Interest Section business. But we want the forums to grow, so if you have a desire to congregate with fellow members, please write us at and share your ideas about what types of forum group would be useful, and we'll set it up pronto!

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The Culinary Trust

The Culinary Trust, IACP's philanthropic foundation, connects culinary professionals with the broader community by providing tools and opportunities to understand and act on critical issues in the world of food.

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