Attend ยป Grassroots Events

Grassroots Events

Our Grassroots Events program supplements the networking and educational experiences at regional conferences and Annual Conference by making it easy to meet members in your own community.

What is a Grassroots Event?

In the last year alone, members have planned and hosted nearly a dozen grassroots events, ranging from cocktail hours to potluck dinners. These member-driven events are first and foremost designed to be fun, but making professional and personal connections are always added benefits. Unlike our regional conferences, which often span a few days and are heavy on educational content, grassroots events are typically short and sweet, often just a few hours, and focused on getting to know other members.

4 Easy Steps to Planning a Grassroots Event

We welcome you to organize one of these gatherings at any time. Get creative . . . plan your event around a food festival or farmers' market, at a nearby museum or restaurant, or even in your own backyard! Read more about how to get started.

For more information about upcoming grassroots events or guidance on planning one, contact IACP Headquarters at or Ivy Manning, Special Events Committee Chair.

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